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“I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eyes or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.”

– David Hobson

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The manufacturing of our ceramic products incorporates renewable materials of superior quality. Integrating Mananda’s eco-friendly products into your decor not only enhances the beauty of your spaces but also supports a responsible lifestyle. Make a sustainable choice with Mananda’s eco-conscious ceramic products, the perfect addition to your decor.


Our product range is equipped with strategically placed drainage holes to facilitate easy removal of excess water and better air circulation. This design element ensures that your plants receive the right balance of water and air, essential for their well-being and growth. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design shines through in every detail of our product.


The unglazed inner surface of the products at Mananda allows for better aeration of the plant roots to promote healthy root growth for stronger and vibrant plants. Besides providing aeration, it also helps in retaining moisture uniformly for longer periods. Choose decor elements from the wide range of products offered by Mananda for an elegant and an effective solution to your needs.


Mananda features a diverse selection of vibrant colours in matt and glossy finish to complement your style in enhancing your living spaces. Be it soothing neutrals that exudes understated elegance, blending effortlessly with any decor scheme or bold, vibrant hues that capture attention by adding a touch of luxury and glamour, our decor product range offers option for everyone.


Our ceramic planters are meticulously designed to withstand exposure to natural elements, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. The inherent strength of ceramic materials ensures that our products maintain their beauty and functionality over the years. Mananda products remain a timeless addition to your decor, enhancing the aesthetics of your living spaces with minimal maintenance.



Mananda promotes the “Make in India” scheme by using 100% Indian goods for the manufacturing of its collection. Our skilled craftsmen have a deep understanding of traditional pottery techniques that have been passed down through generations to create beautiful designs. Adorn your space with our product range to make a positive impact by supporting the growth and development of local communities.


Introducing Mananda’s exquisite new colour range, a breathtaking collection that celebrates the power of colour to transform spaces. Inspired by nature’s breathtaking palette, this range offers a harmonious blend of classic elegance and contemporary style. This meticulously curated selection invites you to explore a world of possibilities, where every shade tells a unique story, evoking a distinct emotion.

Aspiring Blue whispers tranquility and inspiration, while Midnight Teal brings a sense of depth and mystery. Mysterious Grey evokes an air of sophistication and subtlety, and Pitch Black commands attention with its bold, dramatic presence. Snow White offers a canvas of purity and simplicity, and Sapphire Blue dazzles with its opulent charm. The vibrant hue of Tangy Orange energizes and excites while Tender Pink adds a touch of warmth and tenderness.

Colours have a profound impact on our emotions and perceptions. These colours do more than decorate, by transforming spaces into a living experience, making every moment more enjoyable and memorable. The careful selection and combination of colours can create environments that inspire, comfort and delight, making every space a reflection of ourself.

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