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Our Journey

Mananda started as brainchild of our founders who are avidly into gardening and has delved into ceramics all their life. The passion  for  clean aesthetics  and greener houses made them realize  a shortage of  well-designed  planters  and  vases  that matched the modern-day lifestyle. With the knowledge in design they  chose  Mananda  to become  a  platform  to reach out  for attractive pieces of pots, planters and vases. We are always in a pursuit to bring out products that are deeply rooted in our culture as well as the contemporary world we live in. 

Our Inspiration

Art that attracts is often art that is a reflection of oneself. At ceramics of Mananda, we create products that often resonate with our lifestyle. Gone are the days, when ceramics only comprised of earthenware and bone china porcelain, today the ceramics industry is growing diversely. Our ambition is driven in elegance and sustainability. Décor artefacts are immaculately designed to house succulent plants, flower plants and greenery of all forms. We are highly inspired by the forms of nature and the heritage we come from. We strive to implement fresh textures and patterns with freshly seasoned colours to bring out products that are curated and conceived for the modern house.  Our silhouettes are developed after recognizing the needs of a planter and the requirement for housing a green buddy, who requires extreme care and nurturing space for it to grow. As designers, we understand the requirements of the plants to shine through and not just the planter. Hence, our products tend to be minimal while providing a good base for its companion to bloom and shine through.